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Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 15: Sadness

Last Tuesday, we lost a dear family member. My husband's step-grandfather, Ken, died at the age of 82 after a long battle with cancer. I am glad to have known him for the past 15 years. He was able to share a very special moment with our family, bearing witness to our twins' home birth. 

His last words to me every time we spoke were: "Take good care of those girls, now." I miss him terribly. 

My photos from the past week: 

Saturday, April 9th. Such sweet twins! Taken with my cell phone as we waited in the car for Madelyn to get out of dance class.

Sunday, April 10th. The tree in our front yard just beginning to bloom. It is in bloom for such a brief time that I usually forget to photograph it. 

Monday, April 11th. My favorite photo from my mini baby photo shoot! She has just a hint of a smile. I love this baby girl!

Tuesday, April 12th. A very sad day for our family. The skies were gray and raining, as were our hearts. 

Wednesday, April 13th. These four silly girls piled into the twins' bed for a photo!

Thursday, April 14th. My brother's birthday. It was a lovely night so we spent the twilight hours outside. Lana played school in our old playhouse in the backyard, writing on the very chalkboard we had as children.

Friday, April 15th. Our tree again. At night, its lit with tiny white lights. I know, I took many photos of this tree this week. Its beauty is so fleeting I wanted to capture it. Soon its blossoms will fall to the earth, fluttering away in the breeze. 

Ah, such is life.

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