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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For Easter

Easter morning we awoke to a home filled with art that Lana had been diligently working on little by little each day. She covered everything. There was even a sign-in sheet at the top of the stairs for "People who LOVED Easter"! Which, of course, EVERYONE signed. 


Yes, I was not kidding. The pictures were everywhere! Lana is quite the artist! She even made tiny little Easter cards for all of us. Even baby Evangeline! 

The girls searched through their Easter baskets, we had an indoor Easter egg hunt, ate breakfast that consisted of mostly chocolate and a few scrambled eggs, and then frantically got dressed for a group photo before heading to Grandma's for an outdoor Easter egg hunt! 

The girls enjoyed their Easter egg hunt! They gathered so many chocolate-stuffed eggs that I am sure we will never be able to consume it all. I may have to get "creative" with all the candy we collected this year!

In the evening, we headed to my parents home for dinner. The trees in their yard were in bloom and we had a lovely time with family. At night, it rained and some of us sat out on the porch to enjoy the cool air. A slice of a delicious egg-shaped chocolate- covered cake from a local bakery sealed the night!

Another perfect Easter celebration!

Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend as well!

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