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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Week in Photos 7

This week went by a bit too quickly. With the two days lost to feeling under the weather, I woke up to a warm, sunny Thursday morning feeling like I had to make up for some serious lost time!  

Today was a beautiful day and the girls and I spent most of the afternoon barefoot on the deck, playing, reading and enjoying the sunshine!

Here are my photos for week #7! 

Took this photo late Saturday night. It is the lamp my Dad made forever ago. It hangs over the dining room table at my parent's house where we eat meals and hold our weekly book club.

The brownie bites I made for the girls' Valentine parties at school. They were cute and tiny and the kids loved them! 

Valentine's Day! Mike brought home roses for Madelyn, Lana, Sophia and I. A different color for each of us. The twins each got a heart shaped balloon which was way more fun than roses according to a couple of two year olds.

Today I had a headache and spent most of the day on the sofa. It possibly could have been due to the huge amount of chocolate I injested the day before. Isabella tried to hide under my blankets when I got up. I didn't mind. I just crawled right underneath the covers along side her.

Another day sofa-ridden. I crocheted a dozen or so shamrocks to make a garland for St. Patty's Day. Found the pattern via Skip to My Lou.

The sun came out along with the bucket of perler beads today. I thought I had seen the last of these for awhile but no such luck. *sigh*

We were lucky enough to lay out the picnic blanket that I made last summer after lunchtime. The sun came out and the girls ran around the deck barefoot playing and giggling. It was a sign of our future Spring days to come!

To view the rest of my Photo 365, find them on Flickr: here!

Happy Weekend to you all!

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