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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Week in Photos 6

Lana turned a fabulous eight years old this week! I also had my last office visit with my midwife. She will be visiting me at home from now until the home birth. I started my 34th week yesterday! Now my top priority (besides my sweet Sophia's birthday preparations) is to get my bedroom clean and in order for the birth. Our new little one will be here soon! 

Here are my week #6 photos. I am not overly thrilled with the photo results but they do show my return to creating/crafting since before the holidays and that is a good thing! 

Book club night! I made banana bread with Lana during the day for our nighttime snack. Unfortunately, Lana fell asleep before getting a taste of her creation.

My refrigerator magnets. I spent a lot of time in and out of the kitchen due to Superbowl Sunday so I found this photo suiting for the day. 

The twins working on the lacing cards their Grandma gifted to them recently.

Crocheted these fingerless gloves for a little Valentine gift exchange we are doing with our book club. The cute beaded bracelet was crafted by Sophia. It just about fits on my wrist but I love it. 

As a way to spice up our book club, we chose a crafty project to coincide with the book we are reading. Each member is creating a cowboy themed pillowcase and then we will draw names to trade! We finish our book, True Grit, this week.

Lana blowing out the candles at her Hippie Chick birthday! She is our wonderfully sweet girl who can light up a room no matter how dim.

Isabella fell asleep just before the girls came home from school. She must have been super tired because the twins usually do not take afternoon naps. I wish I could have snuggled up beside her and got a bit of a nap myself.

Sorry this week's photos were posted so late. I hope to be more on top of things next week! Cross your fingers for me. 

For the rest of my Photo 365, you can find them on Flickr here.

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