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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and Advent

I suppose I should mention our lovely Thanksgiving before the days get too far away from me. Today marks the beginning of advent, December 1st! This year of 2010 is winding to a close; the countdown begins.

We spent Thanksgiving afternoon visiting at my mother-in-law's home with my husband's brother and family. A delicious lunch and a relaxing afternoon where the girls had fun playing games. For the evening meal, we to my parent's home where Thanksgiving dinner was hosted for 19 people in all!

To have everyone at the same table, a smaller table served as an extension from the main table. The children were able to share the meal with the adults. We hope to try to have a connected table for as long as possible with our ever-growing family! It may prove to be a more difficult task in the future to avoid the dreaded separate "kiddie" table but we will think of a plan. I am glad the little ones were able to be included in our group feast!

This was dubbed the "perfect plate" by my brother who put together this lovely culinary ensemble. I think you all may agree.

This handsome man, our one and only nephew as of yet, may look a bit worried but I had to include him in this post because babies are beautiful! And, speaking of babies. . . my anatomy scan showed a perfectly growing, healthy baby GIRL! Yes, a household of six beauties! We couldn't be happier and anxiously await her arrival in Spring.

Today we move on to December and the countdown to the New Year. This past weekend I decorated the mantle and we visited a local farmer's market and nursery where we picked out a gorgeous tree that is filling our home with the scent of pine. Mike strung the tree with  lights last night and the girls are eager to decorate it! 

The Advent box has been filled with candy and I have a few little prizes I still want to pick up for it. We have a lot of things going on this month, Madelyn is singing in chorus for her school and at a local book store event. She also has a holiday violin concert. Parents week at the girls' dance studio is coming up. We have dance costumes to purchase and Christmas gifts to finish and wrap. There is last minute decorating, cookie baking, crafty holiday fun and hopefully we'll be able to see one of the local Christmas light events in the area!

Among all of the "extras" that the holidays create, there is still meals to cook, that big pile of laundry taunting me in the bedroom, dishes piling up, and lingering sickness. Lana was sick last night and I realized that vomiting children is definitely not my parenting forte. But, life can't always be full of glitter and candy canes.

I'll take the few bad apple days in exchange for all the lovely ones I receive the rest of the time. I'll take them all, sick sniffles, screaming and crying, unfolded laundry, dusty corners, burnt toast and all... and run... all the way into the New Year and on and on.

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