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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Slowing Down

Sometimes life seems to slip by so quickly, weeks pass in the flash of a twinkling light. I have not posted in awhile as you may have noticed. I haven't been feeling well; a cough is holding me unmotivated and weary. I also had a three day battle with my computer after losing almost every photo I had ever taken from circa 2005 on. It's still throwing a few punches my way but at least I retrieved my entire photo library intact from a external hard drive. All is on the mend at this point (fingers crossed!).

My husband put up most of our outdoor Christmas lights last weekend. We usually wait until after Thanksgiving but I was anxious to see them up and shining. I do love to sit on the sofa at night, in the silence of a sleeping house and a mug of hot chocolate in my hands, sipping, watching, thinking, before I head upstairs to bed. It is in those few moments that I savor the quiet and recharge for the definite hustle and bustle of the following day.

Right now I am waiting for dough to rise for the bread I am making for our Thanksgiving feast with my family. I know it is late to be baking bread but tomorrow afternoon is my first scheduled anatomy scan to see our little one! After that we head to a birthday party (Happy Birthday, MOM! <3 ). Thanksgiving on Thursday, a delicious day out with family. Black Friday, out super early with my sister to crowd watch with Peppermint Mochas in hand. We almost never do any actual shopping but find the crowds amazing fodder for giggles and gossip.

Tomorrow also marks 30 days until Christmas. I have a few projects I want to finish as gifts for our girls. Most of all I need rest. Sometimes amidst the busyness of all the preparing and planning, we forget that. To slow down, breathe, take a moment for yourself in the silence and listen to your thoughts.

I'm off now to fragrance the house with baking bread for the next 20 minutes and then bedtime. Good night!


  1. Hope the anatomy scan went well and that you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving!

    I can't believe that the Holiday season is here already so I completely understand lol -_-. I've got a few projects for our girls that I hope I get done before Christmas too and I've got exactly two days to finish an advent calender I decided to make lol -_-.

  2. I came by to let you know you have won ....

    come see what!! :-)


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