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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fat Quarter Apron

Prudent Baby is hosting a Fat Quarter Apron Contest where you can win Anna Maria Horner's entire collection of Innocent Crush in 22 fat quarters! Dreamy, right?

Here is the posted tutorial for the Fat Quarter Apron. It is super easy to follow and is a great apron that you could embellish a million different ways!

My only suggestion would to double the given size of the apron tie from 3/4 yd to 1 1/2 yds. Especially if you are sewing an apron for a pregnant mama like me! I couldn't get the apron to tie around my waist from the given measurements so I gifted the apron to Lana.

Get sewing! You have until November 10th at midnight to submit entries to win this fab collection of fabrics! I have visions of future aprons made from fat quarters for holiday gifting!

Here are some more photos of my submitted entry! I love how the trim looked like the little brown apples from the fabric pattern!


  1. cute apron! I think I might be able to handle something as simple as an apron.

  2. I adore the apple and pear fabric! I hope you win ^_^.

  3. that's nice, and so cute for girls of every age. But I am not so artistic , and also because of lack of time, I always used to buy ready to wear or ready made stuff. But I like the way you have explained the steps.


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