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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Countdown

The countdown has been on for some time now. Only 12 more days until Halloween! Eek!

I am furiously gathering pieces to put together some homemade costumes for the girls. I try to put together unique costumes each year according to each girls' wishes. I love the individual personality and creativity we can put into our own costume making and it has proven to be (at times) less costly than buying a manufactured costume from the stores.

I never posted the photos of the Halloween countdown box that I painted and papered from the wooden box my Dad crafted for us last winter. 

Here is the box in steps, ending with the finished product. The last photos are not as beautiful as I would like. I had to use a flash due to all the rainy weather we had in the first half of October.

The box IS exactly how I imagined and hoped it would be, though. I love it and the the girls are enjoying their candy tricks and treats they find each day of their countdown!


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  1. That is soooo cool! Great job to you and your dad. I would love one for Christmas. I was just thinking (yesterday) about a creative way to do a holiday countdown.
    Thanks for sharing.


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