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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finding a New Park to Visit

On our latest trip to the Poconos during our wedding anniversary weekend, we discovered a new spot to visit. We headed to the area's Welcome Center where we found a wealth of information of places to see in Pennsylvania. We found that there was a park, the largest in Scranton, called the Nay Aug Park which had a tree house that overlooked a gorge.

The David Wenzel Treehouse is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania and was opened in 2007. Overlooking Nay Aug Gorge, we were 150 feet above the park's valley creek!

After gazing down at the fall foliage and our spectacular view of the gorge, we headed down a path leading to the playground.

We had the playground to ourselves and the girls went wild running and playing!

After the girls had exhausted every piece of equipment in the playground, we headed back down a trail that led underneath the tree house. 

We gathered leaves along the way and enjoyed the bright Autumn scenery.

When we approached the tree house from beneath, there was a wedding party on the bridge! With bagpipes playing, the bridal party was having their pictures taken. Can you spot the bride up there?

A few of the wedding party caught our attention and were waving down to us! I wanted to shout up that today we were celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary, but I wasn't sure they would have heard me 150 feet below. I guess it just must be the perfect day to be married!

And, a perfect day it was... our day in the Nay Aug Park and that day 11 years ago in a little chapel in Las Vegas where I married my husband!

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  1. Hope you had a happy anniversary!

    Jealous. What an insane view from the pavilion. What a beautiful park! We don't have views like that here in TX. Big Bend comes close, but we have to go to Lost Maples to see foliage like that ^_^. Quite a drive to both places 0_0, but everything in TX is a drive lol.


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