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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn projects

The first full of Autumn has arrived. Unfortunately the weather has not put me in the mood for warm apple cider, bonfires and fuzzy new sweaters just yet. The forecast calls for high 80 degree weather today and in the 90's for tomorrow.

 No thank you.  

I have started working on some Autumn projects and begun compiling a to-do list of work I would like to do around the house.

Last winter, my Mom devised some plans for my Dad to create this amazing handmade countdown box for our family. I already have a store-bought countdown box for Christmas, which the girls look forward to as a tradition every year.  This new Halloween countdown will be a great tradition as well. 

Here is the inside of the box, there is a little bag of knobs for each drawer as well. Now, I have to decorate this and I am kind of shaking in my Converse. What if I mess up this handcrafted beauty? 

It has taken me this long to work up the nerve to start it. Now that the countdown to Halloween begins in a week, I figured better late than never.

Mike used a primer on the main box and doors and then painted it black. I started covering the boxes with a pack of Martha Stewart paper I bought last Autumn and my trusty Mod Podge. 

It is looking great so far! No tears from completely destroying things yet! I'll post the final product when it's finished. 

I also have this project in waiting. I bought this little child rocking chair at a flea market we attended during out trip to the Poconos for $15! 


It is very similar to a rocking chair that my six siblings and I had as children. I hesitated at first to ask about the price but decided to question the seller anyway and wound up riding the entire ride home with this rocking chair upside down in my lap. Totally worth it.

With some tender loving care and a new set of cushions that I am creating, I think it will get many years of use from our little girls.

I also purchased this gathered clutch pattern from Anna at Noodlehead for $6.  She also offers the pattern for free. I purchased the pattern because she gives plans for two handle options, tips on installing and shortening zippers, and additional styling options. 

By purchasing the pattern, Anna also gives the purchaser the right to sell clutches made from the pattern on a home-based scale. Not like this is an option I will likely pursue but I wish that designers of patterns offered this more readily. I think it helps to support the handmade community that may have the ability to create wonderful items but perhaps are not the best at pattern making.

The green one was my first attempt, with a card holder and divider inside and then I made the light blue/ brown clutch which I gifted to my future sister-in-law for her birthday. I made a simple mini pocket for the inside and it turned out perfectly. I almost kept it for myself I loved it so much! 

I also have a few crocheted hats on the hook for the twins. Now if only Mother Nature could send us some chilly Autumn days and nights! 

What crafty inspiration is on your to-do list this Autumn? 

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  1. I'm going to be making fall glass candle holders covered in all fall colored tissue paper! I got the inspiration from one of your blog entries on fall lanterns you made! SO cute..


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