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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today was not the best day. I felt sick and tired and just plain worn out. Maybe it is my lack of sleep lately. Or the rainy, cold weather which have brought back a parade of tiny ants and a looming sinus headache.

Maybe it was the dozen or so chocolate chip cookies I ate today.

The house is a mess since I spent most of today under a big comforter playing Lego Batman with Sophia (just one more game, Mom!) and two babies trying to wrestle their way under my shirt.  

The dishes piled up along with the laundry. Madelyn has a school project due in two days. The vacuum is gathering dust (from lack of use). The twins' bedroom hasn't been worked on in days. Frankly, I don't mind too much about that last one. 

But even on the worst of days, you need to hold on to those small joys. 

I enjoyed the time spent cuddling under the covers with the three little girls. 

My headache never progressed. 

I was able to spend some time crocheting for our new little nephew arriving next month!

And frankly any day where I have to wear socks and a sweater is a good day. I will take cool weather over hot and humid any time of year!

I basically took a day off from this 24 hour, 7 days a week gig I got going called Motherhood. But Moms can take a personal day every once and awhile, can't they? 

I even felt better by the end of the day to roast a chicken and asparagus for dinner.

So I have to remember that on those dreary, sick and tired, grumpy, haven't-taken-a shower-yet and ready-to-lock-myself-in-the-bedroom and not-come-out-for-a-week kind of days, there are some rays of sunshine to hold on to. 

And that there is always tomorrow. 

Don't worry. The laundry will wait.

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  1. You have a lot in your plate my friend. Just take a deep breath and this too shall pass!
    Big mother hug!


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