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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Field Day

Yesterday, we spent the morning watching Madelyn and Lana playing their Field Day games! They were both on the "White" team. The other team was "Green" to complete the school colors.

They love this day so much, running and playing games. The girls let us know that "If you have fun and cheer on your team, then everybody is a winner". True.

 The twins were stroller-free this year and were super-stars (as usual). People love twins!

Mike left work to come to the school for the morning's activities. The girls always ask that we be there every year to watch them and Daddy has to play in the parent Tug-Of-War, of course!

Sophia was excited to be able to play at the school. She loves to climb on the jungle gym and have me hold her up while she swings across the monkey bars at the playground. The extra tall slides are a bonus as well.

 And she was looking extra fashionable in her new hat from Old Navy. She loves hats!

I apologize for this terrible photo of myself. I am not photogenic. At. All. But Mike promises me that the girls want photos of their Mom. I would still prefer to be behind the camera.

Gracie looking off wistfully into the distance.

Isabella helping carry the camera bag!

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed sharing this morning with Madelyn and Lana!

Oh, and the White Team won the day's events overall!

But since the day was full of fun and laughter, playing and running in the sunshine....well, then...everyone ended up as WINNNERS!

** Speaking of winning, I have signed up for SewMamaSew's annual May Giveaway event! Look for my contribution Monday morning! **

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