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Monday, March 8, 2010

Swinging Towards Spring

Today a promising weather report of warmer air and sunnier skies had us ready for an outdoor adventure! You know those days when the a Spring fever creeps beneath your skin and seeps into your heart and screams for a day in the sun to thaw your chilled bones!

My Mom, sisters and cousin Kate packed our bags and headed to the park! It was a beautiful day, a bit windy, but just the breath of fresh air we all needed!

Cousin Kate thrilled to be running around the playground

Gracie seconds before sliding into a mud puddle

My sweet Isabella walking with her Aunt Hannah

Sophia wanted to take this dinosaur home

 We walked down to the lake to say hello to the seagulls!

Katie bonds with a pile of pine cones,

then tries to be a sly fox and steal Grandma's glasses.

There was swinging (of course)

and muddy feet!

Unfortunately our fun couldn't last forever.

So we took those grumpy faces home for nap!

Warmer days are on their way! Have you caught Spring Fever yet?


  1. i love those "grumpy faces"! i wish i was there to give them all kisses and run around with them! too sweet :)

  2. i am so ready for spring. it's been a long cold (for us) winter here.
    your pictures of those sweet kids' faces are incredible. beautifully captured.

    happy warm weekend to you! we on the other hand have had downpours of rain. which in turn makes my hair one big frizzy mess. come 'on spring ...hurry!


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