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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Birthday!


This dreamy-eyed beauty turned four years old Tuesday!

So what does this four year old love most in the world?

  • She requested homemade tacos for her birthday dinner. 
  • She loves watching Blue Kitty and Mouse (Tom and Jerry) at lunchtime.
  • Her favorite color at the moment is Rainbow.
  • She likes to dress in her ballerina outfits like her big sisters who go to dance class.
  • She loves dinosaurs and cars, puzzles and the Lego Rope Game (Indiana Jones).
  • She loves stuffed animals. Toy pet dogs rank #1.
  • She enjoys playing with her twin sisters.  She calls them by what color they are wearing. So I must try to remember if Isabella or Grace is "Purple Baby" or "Red Baby" or whatever the color of that day may be.
  • She draws us great pictures like this one: 

She told me this was a picture of herself and me; that I was the one who had turned into a rainbow dolphin.  

Wow! Lucky me!

But, we are all very lucky to have this silly, sweet, beautiful, lovable joy in our lives! 

Happy 4th Birthday, Sophia!

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