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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Lana turned seven years old today! A day off from school due to another major snowstorm began her magical day!

While making pancakes (her chosen birthday breakfast), Lana told me in one huge breath that, 

"Her favorite number was seven, her number in school was seven, she was turning seven years old  and there were seven people in her family so SEVEN must be the luckiest number in the world!" 

After breakfast, she opened presents! Her favorite thing at the moment is baking so she loved the cake decorating kit we bought her. Maybe one day she can open her own bakery with her Aunt Hannah!
Then, they all geared up to play in the snow with Dad!! They built a snowman. He fell over about two seconds after these pictures were taken. He was rebuilt later in the day, however.

The twins did not venture too far from the back door.

Once Gracie got fed up with her mittens, took them off and pretty much stomped them into the snow...they were done. They came inside to help me bake Lana's birthday cake. Chocolate, as you can tell by the evidence all over their cute smiley faces.
It snowed all day! Our neighborhood was a lovely white wonderland!

Before cake and ice cream, the girls snuck outside in the dark snowy night to sit in the fort their Dad made for them.

I spent that time decorating Lana's cake with pink icing, marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles. Shortly after I declared myself the worst cake decorator of all time.
It was a small party tonight due to the weather...but a happy one!

I hope all her wishes come true! 

 Happy 7th Birthday, Lana!


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet 7 yr old. It does indeed look like a magical day! A snow fort?! Wow!!

    My little gal just turned 7 and it just seems so grown up. Crazy. Oh, and you are NOT the world's worst cake decorator. I promise. Not even close. Your cake is so cute! (And did you see my 2 yr old's basketball cake? :-)

  2. All in all it looks like Lana had a magical day! And that birthday cake, not too shabby mommy!

  3. That looked like some serious fun . That picture of the twins with chocolate on their faces is my new desktop pic. I love it!! haha

  4. happy birthday, big girl! your girls are so beautiful!


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