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Friday, February 5, 2010


It was Madelyn's 9th birthday this past Wednesday. We wrapped her gifts in newspaper.

She tilted her head at her recycle freak of a mom and said,"Moooom, really?" I told her we were saving the planet one wrapped present at a time.

I don't think she bought it. 

Then I told her, "It's not how pretty the package but what is on the inside that counts."

So, I think she liked that better.

 A flurry of newspaper ended with a neat stack of presents.

And her silly sisters to share them with. 

Family came over that night to celebrate with cakes and ice cream!

Her aunt Hannah, who made Lana's Fancy Nancy cake last year,  created two SUPER cakes for Madelyn's Super Mario theme. 

They were as gorgeous as they were tasty (of course)!

So now this beautiful blue-eyed baby of ours is nine years old . She excitedly told us she is going to be in the "double digits" next year. *sigh* 

The other night my husband, Mike, had finished tucking the older girls into bed. Sliding in next to our twin daughters who were snuggled between us, he turned to me and said, "Our tiny baby girl. She's nine years old!?" 

I imagine my own parents saying the very same decades ago and all parents who feel that brush of time sweeping a bit too fast. But, on it goes. 

We can not hit pause or rewind, no matter how much we wish it could happen. We can only hit play and take each day for everything it is worth. 

Happy 9th Birthday, Madelyn! Onward to "double digits"!


  1. SO cute. I love the banner and bright colors!

  2. 9 was my favorite age! happy birthday miss M!

  3. A super mario theme is awesome! :)


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