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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autumn Banner

These days are passing much too quickly for me. September is almost over!?

I had this fantastic dream that when the older girls settled into school that my time at home with the three smaller girls would be heavenly.

I thought we would be lounging on the deck reading and coloring or creating miniature scenarios of Little People vs. Littlest Pet Shop Pets.

I believed that I would have extra time on my hands for crafting, that I would be endlessly baking or perhaps sipping a cup of tea and enjoying blogs (or blogging) when all three of my girls would magically and oh so willingly take an afternoon

Wow. Not like that at all.

Well, I have managed to squeeze in a bit of craft time and I am currently creating an Autumn banner to hang in the dining room area.

(Mike installed some new Ikea lamps over our dining table that I simply can not get enough of!)

I also baked up a little flour storm this week!

I baked a loaf of
Harvest Grain Bread and (2) Amish White Bread loaves.

I also made this
Apple Cake from Smitten Kitchen. This cake was extra good with a mug of warm apple cider.

Mmm, I think I alone devoured a half gallon of the stuff.
..and that was just today.

I have tons of ideas rumbling around in my head and I think I should pull together a Autumn Resolution List. I want to finish some craft projects I started and wrestle with the mounds of summer clothes to make room for winter! I plan on beginning to sew the girls' Halloween costumes. I think the woodwork needs repainting and a new deep red color for my front door would look great!

I am also contemplating painting one wall in my dining room a dark pumpkin color.
Work with me on this one, folks. I think it just may turn out to be amazing!

What's on your To-Do list for Fall? Anything exciting?

1 comment :

  1. ok, let me say i just had to laugh reading this post because...
    1) my husband is mike, too, and he just installed a new IKEA lamp over our table, which i also adore!
    2) the name thing is funny given our other name sharing you and i have with our girls
    3) your idyllic description is JUST what i was thinking about last night. i was zipping through some of the blogs i like to visit and thinking "really? how DO they do it? i their kids just play joyfully together outside, merry-making, while mamma supervised and knits or embroiders?! why can't i?" (insert whine in there, as my first ever embroidery project is sitting, waiting for idle hands. IDLE hands?! ha!)

    I LOVE your autumn banner! nicely done! where are you going to hang it? inside or out?

    happy almost weekend!


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