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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pay it Forward

Yesterday, perusing my blog list over coffee, I came across this post from Erin at Perfect Sentiment titled Simple Delights and Paying It Forward.

Her plan was
that the first three people who left a comment on her post that day would receive a little surprise from her! The catch was that those three people would have to pay it forward to three more people...and so on and so on. I happened to slip in as commenter #3 and am excited to be participating!

As it so happened, last night I received an email with a request to translate my free printable calling card tags from Wednesday's
post into French. She said she completely understood if I was busy chasing after my five girls and wouldn't have the time!

It was a simple matter of rewording and changing colors to match the male/female phrases and I quickly sent the finished PDF back to her.

She was so grateful and offered to make a donation to her local food bank with our family in her thoughts! How kind! She also made a generous offer to send my girls something crafty as a thank you.

As excited as my girls would be receiving a package in the mail, I declined. I told her my story about the post at Perfect Sentiments and how the wonder of "paying it forward" had already begun!

Now, because of my small gift to her, she in turn will pay it forward to families in need at her local food bank! Simply wonderful!

*I also want to thank Erin for posting about MooMama today on her blog! She discovered KindOverMatter (another one of my faves!) through the poem posted on my sidebar!

In turn, the lovely ladies from
KindOverMatter posted about Erin at Perfect Sentiment.

That isn't just the warm feeling of humidity in the's the spreading of all that kindness! ;)


I appreciate you stopping by! Thank you for commenting! xo ~Olivia