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Monday, June 15, 2009

Craft Fairs and Book Sales

My sister, Tessa and I set up shop at a local Strawberry Craft Fair this past Saturday. Our table was bright and colorful and full of fun things to look at! That may have possibly been the only thing we did right.

On the other hand, we probably checked off everything on the "not to-do" list as far as Craft Shows go.

We arrived an hour late.

We did not bring a table because we thought it would be supplied.

We didn't have any sort of umbrella or tent to shield us from the blazing hot sun.

And we certainly didn't account for the fact that our competition would be:

  • Fabric Plastic Bag holders:
  • BooBoo Bunnies and Kitchen Maids crafted from washcloths and dish towels:

Midday, our brothers Noah and Joshua, stopped in for a visit! They came bearing bottles of water and fruit and a whole lot of laughs!

I felt as if the other crafters may have been checking out our tomfoolery.

The whole day Tessa and I had been relatively tame but when the boys arrived we became a bit loud and giggly!

It reminded me of the part in Shaun of the Dead when they are imitating the zombies in order to get through the crowd but then Ed gives them up when his cell phone rings and he starts chatting away! (sorry for the weird reference...but that is exactly how I felt.) ;)

After they left, dark clouds starting to roll in from the horizon so we decided to skip out early. Since most of our customers seemed to be looking for items under $1, we were not very successful. Our earnings yielded us a couple of Slurpees and soft pretzels.

We had a good time, though! My skin is a bit more freckly and we learned a few things about what NOT to do at Craft Fairs.

Afterward, we headed to a nearby book sale. With the few remaining coins from my scrappy earnings, I bought these 8 books for the girls for only $.80. What a great score!

I suppose the day wasn't a complete failure after all! ;)


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I just had my first craft fair/music festival experience myself.

    Also forgot my sunscreen.
    Also thought a canopy would be provided.
    Also got REALLY REALLY sunburned:P
    So much for the fair skinned irish--more like the flaming RED skinned irish:)

    I don't know that I will attempt a craft fair again--do you think you will?

    <3 sarasophia

  2. I am sure I will attempt a craft fair again! Perhaps the venue we chose wasn't the ideal place for selling our crafts.

    I think the customers were more interested in "flea market" finds. Overall, we had an interesting day and learned from the experience! ;)

  3. That sounds like a good learning experience anyway ! And you and your sis obviously made the most of it ! Keep building it and it will come, this I know !;)

    Happy Wednesday !


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