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Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 10: Front Entry and Hallway

I made it to the last day of the Spring Cleaning Party! Today's focus was the front entry and hallway. We do not have an area to classify as a "front entry" so I revisited Day 2 - The Living Area.

The front door of our home leads right into our living room area. Beside the front door is two bookshelves, the smaller of which is for the little girls.

hung two hooks above this shelf to place our keys. It has been an immense time saver!

Also, I recently purchased a storage box by Orla Kiely from Target.

We use this box for any library items that we borrow.

With 3 girls and myself making weekly trips to the library, I need to stay on top of where everything is and when it is due! The girls know that when they are done with a particular borrowed book or game, they must immediately put it back into the box. So far it has been working splendidly!

To make sure our library items get back on time, I have installed Google Calendar on my iGoogle homepage. It has been a life saver!

The calendar is a daily reminder for all our to-do's, school activities, and saved dates! Using Google calendar has eliminated paper clutter as well! All the paperwork I would collect as reminders for school events, lunch menus, library receipts or upcoming birthdays are recycled and keeps the desk area free of clutter! Perfect!

My final comments on the Spring Cleaning Party are that I have noticed a difference in my daily cleaning and am glad to have rid my home of unwanted, unused items! As of today, I have made $80 from old games and books that I listed on! There is also 3 huge bags ready for The Purple Heart and 2 boxes of items ready for a yard sale!

So, how do you feel about this 10-day Spring Cleaning Party? Has it been worth the effort in your own home?

A big thanks to Tsh at SimpleMom and Mandi at Organizing Your Way for hosting this event and giving us great daily tips to keep motivated and create an clean, organized home!

Also thanks to all the readers and comments made throughout the Spring Cleaning series! Your comments gave me the motivation to continue day after day! I hope that my tips and before/after pics sparked a bit of motivation behind your own Spring Cleaning!

Please visit
SimpleMom and visit the other participants listed in the comment section or if you have Spring Cleaning before and after pictures, join SimpleMom's Flickr group to post some of your own!

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