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Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 5- TGIF! Kitchen Part 2

The first week of our S.C.P. has come to a close! I feel lighter and happier that my rooms have been rid of their unwanted, unused items. It has made the daily cleaning much easier! Plus at the end of the night, the downstairs looks calm and ready for the following day!

Today, I cleaned and straightened up both food cabinets in the kitchen. I have a tall pantry closet and the dreaded "junk" drawer that may be put off until tomorrow.

BEFORE: It is quite a scary cabinet. When I am searching for spices, something will inevitably fall into my dough or batter. It drives me crazy.

Wow! There was that much stuff in that little old cabinet?

AFTER: Aaah! I feel I can breathe again!

I used the inventory sheets from SimpleMom's e-book, Spring Cleaning for Normal People! I cut them down to eliminate the columns I did not need and in the quantity column put a star next to the items that I was getting low on (since I only had one of each spice).

I surprisingly had MANY outdated spices. Who knew? It seems like I just went through the spices and extracts to check for expiration dates! Embarrassing as it is, my oldest spice was from 2001. Yes. It's true.

Check the dates on your spices and extracts! You may be surprised! Many will have the date printed on the bottom but if there is a code, check the Best By dates at McCormick or Spice Islands.

Enjoy the Mother's Day weekend! I hope to be spending a good part of it relaxing in a bubble bath. ;)

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  1. Wow, you sure had a ton of stuff in your spice cabinet. Who knew we were so good at packing stuff in! Great job cleaning everything out! Can't wait to see more of your spring cleaning tips and successes!


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