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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 3- Media cabinets!

We are at Day 3 of SimpleMom's Spring Cleaning Party! Today was not as productive as I hoped but I must remember my own tip to not get discouraged! I had two cranky babies, an unfortunate bathroom accident via Sophia in my bed this morning, lots of laundry to wash and sort, vegetable seedlings begging for bigger pots, and my everyday tidying up. Sigh.

Albeit those obstacles, I did manage to
purge my DVD/GAME cabinet and eliminate some clutter. Every VHS I had was put into the SELL/GIVE box and old games that were not being used I put on is a site where you can list books and textbooks, music, movies games and even game systems to sell! Within hours of listing a few of our old games, one sold for $14.99! How nice!

Here are my before and after pictures for today! Next we'll be starting on the kitchen and dining room area! Let's hope my girls are on the same linear path as I am tomorrow.




  1. Wow, It looks good. We got rid of all our VHS last year. I had forgotten we even had them and since we don't even have a VCR anymore they were easy to get rid of.

  2. Wonderful before and after pictures! You certainly accomplished at ton that day. Gardening, cleaning, laundry, and of course a full 12+hrs?? of mothering. Even if cleaning was a small part of the day, you really did so much in your 24 hours. Have heart, I think you did great.
    Thanks for the post, Abbie


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