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Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 1: Declutter your Home

Today began Day 1 of the big Spring Cleaning Party hosted at SimpleMom!

Everyday (cross your fingers) I will be highlighting the activities for the day, posting a before and after picture of one of the areas I cleaned, and leaving some tips and tricks to help with your own spring cleaning!

The one goal for today was to perform a "clean sweep" throughout the entire home!

Basically, I went through each room of the house and did a routine cleaning. Picking up clothes for the laundry, clearing off surfaces, throwing away trash, putting lost items back in their homes, and straightening up. This will be a good foundation to grow upon in the following days!

Gather your tools!
I grabbed a trash bag, a box (to sell or give away), and a big paper grocery bag for paper recyclables. I also made sure the paper shredder was ready so that junk mail or any other personal paperwork that needed to be recycled could be shredded easily.

Dress for success! When I am in for a Cleaning Party such as this one, I make sure to put on comfortable clothes and sneakers. As long as your main focus will be inside, wearing shoes puts one in a state of mind that there is a work to be done! It's some simple motivation knowing there will be no putting your feet up on the sofa to relax!

3 simple ways to make your home appear cleaner!

  • Always make your bed in the morning! An unkempt bed makes the rest of your bedroom look untidy even when it may not be.
  • Keep your sink free of dishes and clean! By eliminating this sore spot, it brightens the kitchen!
  • VACUUM! If I can only accomplish one thing for the day, I always go for the vacuum. By having a clean floor and rugs, your rooms will definitely appear neater.
My "clean sweep" yielded a full bag of paper recyclables (school paperwork, junk mail shredded and some old magazines), 1 bag of trash and half a box of things to either sell/give. I am sure the sell/give box will grow over the course of my spring cleaning!



For more tips or to join in the Spring Cleaning Party, visit SimpleMom!


  1. I had four or five bags of recycling. Can you believe it? The paper breeds like rabbits around here.

  2. I don't vacuum every day, but making my bed and keeping the sink free of dirty dishes are two things I HAVE to do or else, I feel like I've done nothing all day. I completely agree with dressing for the task also. Great post!


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