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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cupcake Birthday Party!

It was a busy week preparing for the twins' birthday party! I was shopping and cleaning; making food and hoping everything would be perfect. I think Isabella and Gracie may have had their best birthday party ever! So far.

I bought these plates and supplies from 1st Wishes.

My sister Hannah, and aspiring pastry chef, made these luscious cupcakes!

I created these "our two little cupcakes" favor boxes with yummy cupcake bites hidden inside.

Isabella and Gracie now have a whole new wardrobe for the spring and summer months! (Thank you everyone!)

They modeled their sunglasses and are super ready for the beach!

We had a great night! We sang the girls a jumbled Happy Birthday, ate semi-frozen giant cupcakes I had baked for each girl, recaptured mini caterpillars trying to escape, and drank coffee while talking, laughing and celebrating!

Oh, and there were kisses. Lots and lots of baby kisses.

And I am sure it couldn't have gotten any better than that.

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