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Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break and Giveaway Winners

Spring break is coming to a close for us here. We had a lovely Easter with both sides of the family and it was tiring but never short on fun.

The older girls go back to school tomorrow and we’ll settle into our routine once again. Routine is familiar and calmer. Some days the only step off the beaten path is whether to start the laundry or unload the dishwasher first. When we change our routine and there are vacations from school or unexpected illness, we get a bit out of sync.

We sleep a little later than we should, the girls bicker over who is supposed to do what first, no one gets dressed until afternoon and then when they do I have a whole new room to clean up (plus a load of laundry)!

But then I think of all I would miss if our routine had remained steadfast and Madelyn and Lana hadn’t been on Spring Break.

We couldn’t have shared in the excitement when our Painted Lady Butterflies were freshly born from their chrysalises one morning, Sophia’s Dora undies would be safely in her top drawer instead of accidentally flushed down the toilet, they wouldn’t have learned how to braid with the tiny bread loaves we made for the birds, Madelyn would have missed out on rocking Gracie to sleep, and bubbles would never have been blown, filling the windy sky today.

It’s nice to be getting back to our regular rhythm tomorrow but I'll be looking forward to the summer when all we will have is each other’s company and endless time to find a new routine.

**The winners from my Spring Break giveaway were Emily who won the Felt Bluebird of Happiness and Cate the handpicked winner of 3 Felt Heart Gift Tags! Please contact me at moomama96(at)gmail(dot)com to give me contact info to send out your packages! I appreciate all the comments and loved reading your happy moments!**


  1. I'm so excited!!!! I love love love your bluebird of happiness and am going to hang it on the window in my office - the one right in front of my desk that I look out of every day. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! It's gorgeous and I am going to treasure it and think of you every day when I see it!!!!!!!!

  2. You have such gorgeous children. Easter in all of it's glory, through the eyes of the little ones.

    Truly, Julia


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