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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


October draws me in like a bonfire flickering on a cool Autumn night. It wraps me up in a over sized sweater, whispering promises and hope into my ear. October, my favorite of all the months, has arrived once again.

September seemed to come and go quicker than I could fill out emergency card paperwork. The girls started school one week earlier than usual this year. Each new school year brings sadness for me that another summer is gone but a slight flutter of happiness for a steadier pace to my days. My youngest daughter Evangeline, who is the sweetest soul, accompanies my days with plans of grocery shopping, browsing library aisles, and baking some new sweet treat for when school lets out.

Eva happened to fall while playing outside with her sisters a few weeks ago and fractured her tibia. I have never seen a tiny girl as happy as she was getting her leg fixed by the doctor. She has a cast now and is eager to fill it with all her favorite people's signatures. No crutches were small enough to accommodate her size so we are either carrying her around or she crawls. It is cumbersome but she seems to not mind it too much.

I am also still purging my home of things to create more order and peace. With a large family comes much clutter. I try my best to manage it and keep it at a minimum. With the holidays approaching, I have been scheduling Purple Heart pickups for donations at least once a month. It is a great way to motivate myself into creating another group of items to go. By clearing unused or unwanted items from my home, I am content knowing someone is getting much needed use from them elsewhere.

As for this space, I want to return and write and share more. Distractions and stress seem to pull me away from focusing here. Sometimes just everyday life gets in the way. At the end of a long day when quiet seeps in and I can finally hear only my own voice, the only thing I can think about doing is climbing into bed under a pile of blankets and sleeping for as long as the alarm will allow me. I hope to spend a bit more time listening to that voice, though. October may just be the perfect time to start.

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
~L.M Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


  1. That a sad news to hear about Eva. I hope she is fine now. You can take care of her and let us know about his heath in your blogs. Keep updating us. Now its time to avail Will COVID End In 2023 for more information.

  2. Autumn's arrival brings a breathtaking transformation as nature dons its vibrant tapestry of russet, gold, and amber. Crisp leaves crunch underfoot, and a gentle breeze carries the scent of earth and memories. It's a season of introspection, where nature's finale captivates with its fleeting beauty, leaving a lasting impression.


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