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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Has Arrived!

Today is the last day of school for our girls! They are looking forward to nine weeks of fun-filled, sunny days with family and friends. I will be hanging up our 100 Things to Do Summer List by tonight. We are having a little Kindergarten graduation party for the twins this weekend. Three family birthdays in July including Mike and my two sisters. A big Fourth of July "family fair" celebration at my parents' home. A trip to Hershey Park with a possible stay at the Hershey cabin campgrounds.

Bonfires, swimming, barbeque parties, s'mores, catching lightning bugs and butterflies, sleepovers and late night movies. 

We are ready for you, Summer! 

Here are a few photos (courtesy of my sister @ Tessa Downs Photography) from our annual Fathers Day trip to Ocean City: 


  1. It was a lovely day at the beach, of course, I didn't sit in the sun for 100 hours like you did!

    1. It could have been worse! Let's cross our fingers this pleasant weather continues!


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