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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scratch & Grain All-Natural Cookie Kits with Organic Ingredients

    With six kids, birthday and Christmas gift-giving potential can be a bit overwhelming. I am always searching for great consumable gifts for kids. Therefore, I fell in love with these all natural baking mixes with organic ingredients from Scratch & Grain Baking Co!

    I was lucky enough to taste-test two of their cookie kits, the gluten-free Chocolate Truffle cookie and the good old-fashioned Chocolate Chip.  Evangeline and I are home by ourselves during the school week and we are always baking yummy snacks for when her sisters come home from school. She is my adorable kitchen helper and these kits made for a quick, easy, baking experience!

The only added ingredients we needed from the kitchen were butter and eggs! 

    These ingredients were from the gluten-free Chocolate Truffle cookie kit. Each individual ingredient is labeled with a number and the simple to follow directions are on the back of the box.  
As I read the instructions aloud to Evangeline, she would grab the number ingredient we needed for each step. Not only were we having fun baking together, but it was a learning experience as well! 

    We followed the instructions and then Eva went to work mixing the cookies. No need for a big stand mixer. A wooden spoon and tiny hands were enough to mix up these delicious chocolatey cookies! Then, into the oven for about 12-13 minutes!

Each box made 12 cookies. With both boxes baked, we had two dozen warm cookies for our after school snack! The taste-testing confirmed they were both delicious! The girls preferred the Chocolate Chip but my favorite were the gluten-free Chocolate Truffle cookies.

    Scratch & Grain Baking Co. has a variety of kits with many tasty choices. I wish I could have tried them all! Shipping is only $5 for all orders and Scratch & Grain Baking Co. also donates 5% of all their profits to charity! 

    Their newest products include kits just in time for the holidays: a Classic Sugar cookie and a Holiday Sugar cookie. Go CHECK THEM OUT!

**These would make a perfect host/hostess gift for any upcoming 
Thanksgiving gatherings you may be attending**



  1. This looks awesome! I was on the site and think it's a great gift for little ones this holiday season! YUMMY!!!

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  3. I had the fortunate opportunity to try two of their cookie kits: the gluten-free chocolate truffles and the good old-fashioned chocolate chip. During the school week, Evangeline and I stay home by ourselves, and we always bake delicious snacks for her sisters when they come home from school. These kits are made for a quick, easy, baking experience! She is my adorable kitchen helper! ¡Gracias por compartir tu experiencia! ¡Sigue haciendo una excelente labor! Continuar compartiendo. Feel free to visit my website.
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