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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life Instagrammed

We have been living life fully these past few days. We have been curbside at parades, teaming up for fun and games, goofing around with firework antics, our faces aglow with sparklers. We have enjoyed good food and better company, watching movies with cousins, "a cloud that looks like a fat dragon", toddler conversations, visiting beaches and swimming in pools. There has been cake, and swinging, and shucking corn on decks, and heated games of Jenga, and cousins giggling, and another birthday party, and also utter exhaustion. 

We have laughed and argued, celebrated and relaxed, we have been happy but we have also been heartbroken by an unfortunate diagnosis for my grandmother. Through it all we endure, with and for each other. 

Breath by breath, one day at a time.

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