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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bloggers Block

So, I must have suffered a bit of bloggers' block. I have just been unable to open my laptop and put fingers to the keys and type the words that are always racing in my head. May sped by like a heartbeat. The twins turned 5 and they are registered for Kindergarten now. Our pre-K homeschool is pretty sporadic since the Winter months, truth be told. However, they are smart cookies and Eva and I will certainly miss them come September. The house during the day will be quite quiet. I will have returned to the days when it was just Madelyn and I in the house together.

Madelyn is actually graduating 6th grade this year and I can not believe how quickly time is passing. It is June already? How did that happen? My niece is also graduating high school this year. I shake my head and think, "18 years already? Can not be true!"

Summer is fast approaching and my mind is so misplaced recently. I have to plan our 100 Things To Do poster and get summer chore charts in order. I want to plan art days and day-trips for the girls this summer. I also want to incorporate a "no-electronic" rule for a block of time each day so the girls get outside and away from screens. It is an ever-increasing time waster in this house I wish to break free from. I need to get back on track and to focus on the eight of us right here at home and stop worrying about the things and people that don't worry about us.

At my core, I desire so much to practice slow family living. I want the days to pass like they did when I was young. I hope it feels that way for our girls but I do not know. We have been on the go with softball since March and they just entered playoffs. Two girls in softball with two games a week and practices (both team ones and with their Dad) make it seem like there is never time to just do "nothing." Game times are usually 6 pm and we have to arrive a half hour early. School is over by 4 pm. By the time homework and reading and dinner is (hopefully) ready and served, they are dressing and grabbing water and either sending kisses out the door or we are all hustling to go sit in the bleachers until at least 8 pm for each game. I truly have a love/hate relationship with softball. I love watching them enjoying the game, having fun with their teams, and increasing their skills. However, it does wear me down by the end of the season.

I am looking forward to sunshine and smiles and much less stress. I think it will be a much needed rest for ALL of our souls. As far as I am concerned, it is long overdue.

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