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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Sophia turned SIX on Friday! I was not feeling well with a migraine at its absolute worst. I have given up trying to understand what triggers my migraines. It is never the same thing twice. I have been staving off oncoming headaches recently with a combination of a tylenol paired with feverfew. It has been working but on Friday it was too strong to subdue. 

Sophia opened her presents in my bed so I could join in the excitement. Mike ordered the girls pizza and fries for dinner then I slowly moved myself downstairs later to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat a slice of cake with everyone.

We had a second celebration on Saturday night with extended family. She was super excited to get two birthdays! Who wouldn't be, right? 

We were doing "favorite colors" as birthday themes this year and Sophia's favorite was "ALL the colors!" Therefore, my sister made us another gorgeous cake with rainbow colors this time.

Sophia was very pleased with her two celebrations and she received many lovely things. She woke up this morning and immediately wanted to open and do everything! 

She created and munched bubble gum from a kit. 
She put on her new heart necklace. 
She wore one of her sparkly flower headbands that she said, "matches my outfit perfect!" 
Then, she grabbed her gift cards and money from her great-grandmother to go shopping at Build-a-Bear. 

A six-year old's idea of a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 

She was also most excited about the Ladybug Land gift we bought her. She loves bugs and every Spring we get new caterpillars to change into butterflies. This year, we'll have a new addition to release into our garden! 

She wanted me to order the ladybug larvae this morning but I told her we would have to wait just a bit until the weather warms up. Soon!

Happy Birthday to a girl that rocks our hearts in so many ways! 
May all your wishes come true, Sophia!

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