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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What a Party!

Lana planned a huge wedding reception party for her two bears that recently married on Christmas Day!

She handmade invitations for the whole family and tickets that we had to trade in for our meals. She spent all day decorating, planning a speech, blowing up pink balloons and planning a game to play with the guests.

Maybe party planning is in her future? 

Here is the happy couple with their bridesmaid daughter dressed in purple.

Madelyn was Lana's party assistant. 
I was also an assistant that she called, "Chef Olivia". 

Romantic lighting was a MUST so forgive some of the blurry or flash photos. 

 Lana gave a little speech and announcement of the wedding couple.

The couple's first dance!

Everyone found their designated name cards for seating. Dinner was lasagna!

Dancing with Daddy! 
All the girls patiently waited for their spin around the dance floor!

Yummy chocolate cupcakes for dessert made by Chef Olivia and 
decorated by assistants Lana and Madelyn!

 Photo op!

Evangeline was surprised to be attending such a GREAT party!

Lana planned a lovely wedding reception for her bear family! 

She said she can hardly wait until next year 
when she gets to throw their anniversary party!

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