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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reflections of Summer Days

Today the girls are back to school again. Sophia starts Kindergarten this year. She is excited! It seems like it took forever for Sophia to get to this stage. I always think there is this grand expanse of time that the little ones will be home with me but then school flies upon us faster than the beating of my heart.

We had a fantastic summer! People tell me it went by too fast; that they wish it could linger just a bit longer before Autumn settles in.

Some told me they could not wait to get the kids back to school and the routine and rhythm that it brings.

I feel I get tugged in a bit of both directions.

I love the Summer days at home with all our girls! No alarm to wake us, no routines, and our devil-may-care attitude! We had the pleasures of sleeping in, making three different breakfasts for twice as many kids, biking and playing outside until the sun went down, reading in bed until all hours, and spontaneous day-trips with Daddy on the weekends.

This past Sunday, we packed the car full of towels and jackets, filled our water bottles, grabbed some books and a change of clothes and headed to the shore.

I hope the girls remember that Mom and Dad were kinda cool (and maybe a little bit crazy) to pack six kids in the car and take off on one last summer adventure!

We had one last hurrah building sandcastles on the beach, the girls jumping in ocean waves with their Dad while I soaked in the sunshine with Evangeline! Met up with my brother and his sweet babies. Ate a crazy delicious pizza dinner from Mack and Manco’s while sitting on a bench huddling together from the sea breeze. Raced to the car to get our jackets afterwards, then arcade games with the little girls giggling and stuffing their pockets full of candy and caramel popcorn!

Plus a mandatory search for mood rings before our trip home again! Of course! 

Mike even found his way out of Ocean City in record time! Bonus!

These are the days we are unlikely to forget. The days from the ordinary that we tuck in a back pocket of our heart to reflect on and remember in years to come. We are counting down the days until we meet our old friend, Summer, once again.

Until then we are looking forward to the splendid days of Autumn and all the goodness that this season brings!


  1. Awwww!!! Sweet. Summer. Days.
    Hard to see them go.
    Thank goodness autumn meets us with a bouquet of colors to cheer us along.

  2. Your girls are beautiful! I love the picture of your youngest in her sun bonnet... she's adorable!


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