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Monday, September 19, 2011

Half Birthday

This sweet faced baby turned 6 months old today! Evangeline sits up without support now, is starting to get into a crawling position (Madelyn and I saw her take one forward motion the other day!), and she continues to show off her toothless smile!

She also loves to clap which she learned because she has such a big audience at home encouraging her to crawl. She is such a good girl, and funny too! I find it amazing how tiny people develop a sense of humor. She will blow raspberries and then wait for her sisters to laugh. We also play peek a boo or make silly faces with her and she will just giggle like crazy!

While Daddy stood behind me trying to make her smile for the camera, she was kicking her feet and scooting around in the rocking chair so fast. I am surprised the photos were not all a blurry mess!

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