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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

100 Things to Do This Summer

We have entered our second week of summer vacation! Our 100 Things to Do poster is up and we are already beginning to mark our progress with stickers. 

We have kept some old favorites from our previous lists and added a couple new ones. The girls look forward every summer to creating this poster so it has now become one of our family traditions! 

Some of our new additions this year are: 
  • Watch Shark Week! Starts Sunday, July 31st. Maybe we will have a repeat Jaws viewing on our Friday Movie Night this week as well.
  • Make monkey bread. We usually make the cinnamon-sugar recipe but there are some other great recipe variations here.
There are some things on our list that will be repeated many times over such as "Ride bikes", "Visit the library", "Eat from our garden", or "Build a fort". 

This poster is a great go-to list for the kids to find inspiration in their summertime. It also gives them a perfect excuse to argue over who gets to mark the next sticker on the list!

What is on my personal summer manifesto? 

  • I want to keep the TV off and keep the girls' creativity on by spending time outdoors, playing, drawing, creating, and reading!
  • I hope to carve time into each day to read, write, sew, cook and play (both with and without the kids!) 
  • Spend time cultivating Sophia's great interest in bugs and butterflies. I think we definitely need a magnifying glass and new bug-catching net (however she does pretty well catching things with her own two hands!) 
  • Do a Summer "Spring Cleaning" using the guidelines in the book, Organized Simplicity. I hope to do this for every season. I love the changes I see in my home when I do this detailed purging and cleaning!'
  •  Complete ALL 100 Things to Do on our list this summer!!!

What special things do you have 
on your "summer list" this year? 


  1. I love this list....very extensive, but all fun!! My kids are grown, but that would have been a great thing to it:)

  2. I wish I was going to have such a fun summer! Enjoy!

  3. This is an awesome idea. My girls aren't in school yet so mainly we are all the time trying to think of things to do hehe, but I will make a mental note to do this for them. It's a wonderful idea to combat the summer "I'm bored"'s....I wish my mom had come up with something like this for my younger sister cause she would drive us all crazy with her complaining ^_^. What a great tradition!

  4. I love your list! Fantastic ideas! Your girls are gorgeous, by the way!


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