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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Double Shot of Photos: Weeks 13 & 14

Well, you get another double dose of photos. I may be slacking on my blog posting recently but that hasn't stopped me from taking a photo a day. We are at day 91 of the project! Wow!

Saturday, March 26th. Our annual Earth Hour tradition continued for a third year! Check out our celebration for year 2009 and 2010!

Sunday, March 27th. I took this with a flash because it was close to bedtime and very dark in the room. Mike thought the expression on Evangeline's "surprised" face was priceless. 

Monday, March 28th. Sophia was the greatest babysitter this week. She rocked her in the child rocking chair for endless hours while the baby slept.

Tuesday, March 29th. I love catching the twins like this. Gracie let Isabella lay in her lap while she twirled and played with her hair. I hope they stay best friends for life.

Wednesday, March 30th. Spring Cleaning this week! I emptied this basket that usually is home to our winter hats, gloves and scarves. It soon became a new home to Sophia's Toy Story characters.

Thursday, March 31st. Was cooking dinner while Evangeline slept in her swing in the kitchen with me. Such a sweet baby face! I still can not believe what a lucky mother I am to have six wonderful girls.

Friday, April 1st. I snuck over to my neighbor's yard to take a photo of her daffodils. I have promised myself for 10 years that I will plant bulbs in Autumn so I can enjoy such loveliness in the Spring. Hasn't happened yet. Maybe this year.

Saturday, April 2nd. Finished peg people I pained for Isabella and Grace. Gracie told me the girls were "sad" because they "have no bips" (lips). They got bright red smiles the very next day. Now they are "so happy!"

Sunday, April 3rd. Madelyn asked to put a sleeping Evangeline in our Sleepy Wrap. She slept soundly against her, warm and protected. 

Monday, April 4th. A lovely Spring day! We ate lunch outside. The girls slid down the slide endlessly, each time shrieking, "Mom! You looking at me!?"

Tuesday, April 5th. Made these cupcake bites for my brother-in-law's belated birthday party! Red and White for Phillies!! 

Wednesday, April 6th. Started Spring Cleaning Madelyn, Lana and Sophia's bedroom. Took down everything on the walls. Planning on doing a bit of a remodel to spruce up their room!

Thursday, April 7th. The felt Spring banner I made that hangs in my dining room!

Friday, April 8th. Very rainy today. Our deck chairs have since dried off because today is another beautiful Spring day! Looking forward to more days outdoors with the girls!

Hope your weekend is full of sunshine and smiles!

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  1. I love the spring banner & I want to hear more about your Earth Hour tradition. I'll go check your past years...

    I'm impressed you're still taking the 365, w/ six kids especially!


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