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Friday, March 25, 2011

Catching Up: Week in Photos 11 & 12

As you know, we have been a bit enraptured with a new little girl this week but I thought I would pop in and catch up on my last two weeks of my Project 365. I am proud of myself for continuing a photo a day for the past 12 weeks and I would not want to end it now!

Drumroll please... weeks # 11 and #12. Excuse some repeat photos from previous posts. Some days were lacking other photos to choose from.

Saturday, March 12th. A photo of the treats at my baby shower hosted by family, one week before the birth of sweet Evangeline!

Sunday, March 13th. Lovely gifts ( and fave baby products!) from my baby shower the night before.

Monday, March 14th. Took a bath with a vegan Think Pink bath bomb from LUSH that exploded in little pink heart confetti.

Tuesday, March 15th. Made a little onesie for our girl with the international symbol for breastfeeding! I eventually sewed around the outside of the patch to secure the edges. It looks fantastic!

Wednesday, March 16th. Self-portrait of my last few days of pregnancy. I took this photo because I had been getting some pretty convincing contractions about 10 minutes apart since the afternoon. I had thought this would be my last night of pregnancy.

Thursday, March 17th. The trees budding in the backyard! Tonight was another false labor night. Went to my parent's for Colcannon and Irish Soda Bread to be taken home early because I again thought "This is the night!" Contractions faded after I rested in bed for awhile.

 Friday, March 18th. Mike stayed home from work because of my last two nights of contractions. It was a gorgeous day and I woke from a nap to see he had made lunch for the girls outside!

Saturday, March 19th. Hooray! Evangeline arrived at 12:22 p.m. today! This was the first photo I took of her with what was readily available, my camera phone. 

Sunday, March 20th. While I rested at home with Evangeline, the rest of the troops celebrated my husband's niece's Sweet Sixteenth birthday! 

Monday, March 21st. My brother, Noah and his beautiful girl, Katie. We hosted the party at our home so that we could all be together on his 31st birthday!

Tuesday, March 22nd. Lana, a proud big sister, asked for me to take her photo with Evangeline!

Wednesday, March 23rd. A beautiful sleeping baby. 

Thursday, March 24th. In between nursing and naps, I started painting some little girl peg people! 

Friday, March 25th. This is what Evangeline spent most of her day doing. She must be having some wild dreams because there has been lots of smiles and even a giggle! She must be one happy girl!

Now we are all caught up!

To view the rest of my Photo 365, find them on Flickr: here!

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  1. That's wonderful that you've kept taking pictures, which are charming btw. I probably would have thrown in the towel if I had that much on my plate lol.
    Congratulations on the little bundle of cuteness ^_^. I love her name too.


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