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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Week in Photos

As I mentioned in my last post, I have planned to do a 365 photo project this year. I am not all that impressed with my photos as of yet but I guess they are not terrible for the first 7 days. I have 358 more days to improve. I hope to post regular updates on the blog as a way to keep the momentum of this project going.


DAY 1: An attempt at bokeh. Taken New Year's Eve after midnight. My mom takes down the multi-colored lights and Christmas ornaments and redecorates the tree with white twinkling lights and silver ornaments for the New Year celebration!

DAY 2: This photo was just plain helpless. I changed the color to B&W because the color version was pitiful. Plus, since the flowers were half dying anyway, I found it suiting. 

Day 3: My paperwhites are blooming! Is it just me or do paperwhites smell downright horrible? I considered giving them away or just plain throwing them out. But, I must say, the smell is gradually growing on me with each passing day.

Day 4: My oldest cat, Rocky. My husband and I bought him before we got married. He likes to join me in the bathroom because he is so spoiled he will only drink water from the sink. The community water bowl the other cats drink from is just not good enough for him!

Day 5: The sock monkey I made for Sophia for Christmas. She said she likes to keep it by her pillow at night away from the other stuffed animals she has at the foot of her bed. She explained that is where Madelyn and Lana keep their sock monkeys and she wants to be just like them.

I'll sneak this self-portrait in here on Day 5 as well. I am starting my 29th week of pregnancy today! Notice how I wore black to hide the enormity of my belly. Muhahaha!

Day 6: I caught the twins playing in their cardboard castle on this morning. They didn't notice me photographing them and at one point gave each other a spontaneous hug. So sweet!

Day 7: Today it is snowing! We are only expected to get an inch or two. I am about to grab a hot water bottle, a cup of Decaf Starbucks, and snuggle on the sofa with my three littlest ones to watch the snow fall. 

So how was your first week of the New Year?

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