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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes

Last night, I sat in the dining room by the fireplace crocheting last minute presents. I took this photo from my chair looking into the living room which looks relatively clean considering the massive state of chaos I felt the rest of the house was in. The girls were watching Christmas movies with Daddy and I just took a minute to sit and relax after a full day of baking.

I feel like these past two weeks have run on fast forward while I have been moving in slow motion. My 27 week belly doesn't help with the moving around much. I have been doing so much preparing for Christmas that the little one inside me probably spends most of her time sleeping due to my constant rocking back and forth. When I sat by the fire with my feet up on a free seat, she got some room to stretch and she has been quite the kicker when I am still and aware of her movements.

Still baking this morning, Lana came out to the kitchen to tell me that "Christmas is not all about presents, Mom. It's about getting together with your family." I smiled and agreed with her and then thought, "Ah, Lana, my little zen mama in training."

Her comment relieved a bit of my stress and reminded me that Christmas gifts are not about the dollar amount of the present, but the thought for the person you are gifting.  It is the love baked into the cookies and the careful crafting and time sewn into handmade goodies.

So, tomorrow is the big day! Santa and Mrs. Claus are just about exhausted and will be sure to invest in a long winters' nap after the festivities.  I hope all of your holidays are filled with family, friends, love and all your Christmas wishes!

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