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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Trip to Sleepy Hollow

Here we are at Thursday already! I am in the midst of planning another weekend trip and have not even posted about last weekend's trip to Sleepy Hollow, NY. 

We got to visit some historic locations related to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Washington Irving himself. 

We walked the path of Ichabod Crane's famous ride beginning at the site of the former Elizabeth Van Tassel house. This site is presently The Landmark Condominium building and was formerly the Frank R. Pierson School, which itself was formerly the Washington Irving High School until the 1920s.

Along the way, we paused at The Reformed Church of The Tarrytowns to take some photos.

My brother, Noah with his daughter, Kate and our Lana.
We then headed past the André captors' monument in Patriots Park. A monument marks the spot where, on September 23, 1780, John Paulding, David Williams, and Isaac Van Wart captured British spy John André and exposed Benedict Arnold's treasonous attempt to turn over West Point to the British. At this same location is where Ichabod was met by the Headless Horseman.

We also got to view all the scarecrows from the festival held in Patriots Park that day. 

We contined further along the stream where we came across this spooky character, nicknamed by us as October Boy (a character from our Halloween book club choice, Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge).

Some other photos from our almost 1 mile walk.


Finally, we reached this wooden bridge. Unfortunately the bridge where Ichabod Crane was unseated by the pumpkin of the Headless Horseman does not exist, at least not in its original form or location. 


Our travels ended at the foot of the Old Dutch Church and Burying Ground where Ichabod sought refuge in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. We then visited the adjacent Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, which had not been established at the time Irving wrote the Legend. 

More later about the cemetery and some notable burials such as Andrew Carnegie and his wife, Louise, Walter Chrysler, William Rockefeller, as well as Washington Irving himself.

...Stay tuned...

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