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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Treasures from the Sea

We took a day trip to Ocean City, PA! I suppose suggesting a trip to the shore on the heels of Shark Week was not the smartest thing to do. When we asked the girls if they would like to spend the day at the beach, they glanced furtively between themselves and then in silent agreement replied, ", not really!"

Well, that did not go over as planned. 

However, after promises of not venturing too deep into the ocean, pizza and funnel cake and rides at Wonderland on the boardwalk...they hesitantly agreed. 

 I spent the day in the sun on the beach blanket with Isabella and Grace. Isabella was sporting her pink flamingo bathing suit and could have happily played in the sand for days.

Grace was exactly the opposite. She refused to undress and was reluctant to touch the sand. She finally decided to play but made me throw down a towel to sit where the toys were because she refused to walk in the sand.

By the time we left the beach for the boardwalk, the older girls exclaimed they were "Having a blast!"  playing in the waves with their Dad.

Before dinner, we changed and packed all our sandy stuff in the car. We decided to take a walk along the beach at sunset to search for treasures from the sea.

We finally drifted back to the boardwalk for dinner at Mack & Manco's. I mean... where else? Right?

After some amusement at Wonderland, we ordered two funnel cakes to share. We filled our bellies with so much powdered sugary dough and lemonade we were not sure we could make the walk back to the car. Slowly but surely, we did though.

However, the girls did not make it past the parking lot. They were all fast asleep for the long drive home, dreaming of warm salty air, the crashing ocean waves, boardwalk food and all their sandy treasures collected from the sea.

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