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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer continues...

Summer continues in our neck of the woods! We have two weeks left until our routine changes towards back to school. I am happy to have a little longer with all my girls together.

Thanks to all of the comments from my last post on welcoming a new addition to our family. Sometimes I write in this space and it feels like my own personal journal. I forget there are others beyond this screen that are reading my words and sharing in my joy!

We are still marking off items from our 100 Fun, Frugal Things to Do in the Summer. 

We were able to spend a long weekend in the mountains to check off from our list #8 Go to the mountains. It was the weekend that we were hoping to #78 Watch a meteor shower. Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy and we were only able to eek out a few minutes of clear skies

We did get to #36 Play frisbee and #6 Play baseball and #51 Play flashlight tag where we certainly woke up a few neighbors from the wild flashing lights in the backyard and equally wild giggles!

We went to my favorite place to shop for Fiesta ware, Holly Ross Pottery. If you are ever visiting the Poconos, it is worth the time to find this gem. They also have a little woodland path that leads to what I have nicknamed Red Bridge Lake. Not very inventive, I know. ;)

Mike took the 3 smaller girls for a walk along the path by the lake where Sophia was able to #27 Chase butterflies.

The next day, my mother-in-law, Coral who had spent the weekend with us, joined the girls in a #7 Swim in the lake. 

While Mike helped them #32 Build a sandcastle.

And I was glad my beach blanket baby, Gracie, finally decided to venture from the safety of the towel to step into the sand. She even became so brave as to run down to the lake with her sisters to put her feet in the water. She even accidently fell at the water's edge, wetting her clothes from head to toe, but laughed it off and after a quick dry, ran back to join the fun!

Back home this week, we are working on another check for our list! We have declared #80 Muffin Week! A different muffin a day for each weekday.

Monday was Blueberry Buckle (pictured above) and Tuesday night were Chocolate Chip Muffins. The girls gave a thumbs up to both!

So, summer continues for awhile longer in our home which is perfect because we still have more things to check off our list. Here's crossing my fingers to getting at least one afternoon nap in before the school year begins! 

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your sweet congratulations on my news! Congratulations to you too :) You have a beautiful family.


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