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Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Week in July

This is the last full week of July! What has been passing my time? Well, I am on a definite mission to finished remodeling the girls' playroom into a bedroom for the twins. I have a forest, woodsy theme going in there. I'll be sure to take finished pics once I'm done. Soon. I hope.

A few days ago, I painted the bedroom ceiling so we moved their adorable Ikea bed into our bedroom for a few nights. Their bed is super because it's twin size but extendable. It's the perfect width for them to be comfortable in together while they are small.

They fell asleep and we put them in their bed for a test run. The first night they slept through until 8:00 a.m., and the second night they woke each other up sometime in the early hours of morning and climbed into bed to fall back asleep. Pretty good trial so far.

Plus, seeing them sleeping in bed together is just about the cutest thing. It won't stop me from wishing they could snuggle next to me from now until forever, though.

Also, the fabric for the back of my picnic blanket arrived this week! I plan on using an old flannel sheet to sandwich in between the layers. The back and binding will be the same fabric. I hope I finish this blanket sooner than the quilt I made for Lana that has been a work in progress for the past...oh...5 years (at least!).

I WILL complete this project. We need to have epic picnics on this blanket before summer fades! I am the queen of starting new projects, it's just the finishing part that I get stuck on. Hold me to this one!

This project I DID finish and in only one day! I crocheted this hat for our book club's "Christmas in July" we hold each year. I love it. I want to make millions. Or, at least a half a dozen for family holiday presents! I may shrink the pattern and create some little ones for my girls so they can be urban chic this Autumn!

And last, I sat on the deck today with a berry bowl of strawberries for the girls and I thought about a recent trip to Target. The school supply aisles were completely depleted and it made me wonder, "Why the hurry?"

Let's get comfortable with summer, and invite it to stay awhile longer.

I'm not willing to say goodbye just yet. Are you?

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  1. Can't wait to see the room! That picture of them sleeping is precious. Oh, and I love the hat!! You should make millions, and then sell them on Etsy. I'd buy one :-)


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