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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Made This!

After reading this post by Julia (the lady behind Glimpses into the life of an Adirondack Mama, as well as newest editor to Rhythm of the Home's seasonal magazine and blog), I decided to sift through my own pile of "inspiration overload" and create a project. 

I'll admit I have quite the collection of bookmarked tutorials and blog posts,  torn pages from magazines and cookbooks as well as photocopied bits and pieces from library books stashed around the house. I figured these projects were not going to make themselves so I chose to make a cute Reversible Sun Top using From An Igloo's tutorial posted on UCreate.

My sewing machine and I are usually not on speaking terms. It is definitely a love/hate relationship, leaning heavily toward the hate side.

I hate when the needle breaks or the tension gets turned by curious two year old hands without their Mama's knowledge. I hate when I have to redo a crooked hem or the thread runs out and I don't have a suitable color replacement.

I especially hate when I have to change the foot on the machine which makes me go into a frenzy searching for YouTube videos on how to do it properly and with much less cursing or threatening "to never to sew again" as I am used to.

On the other hand, I make some pretty fantastic things sometimes and want to kiss my sewing machine for behaving itself.  I love love love my sewing machine when this happens and after making this Reversible Sun Top and photographing it's double sided perfection on my lovely model, Gracie...I swear I almost ran away to Vegas to change my last name to Singer. Ha!

So what do you have in your pile of "inspiration overload"? 
Go pick something out and CREATE it! You will be glad you did. 


  1. What an adorable top!! I especially love the cupcake material :) It turned out fantastic!

    I too have many of the same issues with my sewing machine, as you. Though I do lean more to the love side with my machine...LOL! I used to do everything by hand and having the machine is SO much better and quicker. I really do not enjoy my two year old hands adjusting things without my knowing...It usually leads to me hating the machine for a short time (thinking it is the sewing machines fault) :P

    Kudos to you on a great turn out and I think I may have to try this top out as well!

  2. P.S...My bookmark list of tutorials is absolutely OUT-OF-CONTROL!! LOL!

  3. So so cute!
    Yeah, this is what my Inspired Internet links list is partially about each month. The things I want to come back to. I do, though, slowly. And I know how to divorce a project I start and don't like.

  4. that is so cute!! i love my sewing machine, but it always intimidates me at first. i need a good hour into it before i get my groove going.

    thanks for joining the the giveaway fun on my little blog. hope our day is a happy one!


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