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Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3

Do you all know about the blog, habit? It is a sweet little collective of days with a photo and a few words to capture their daily lives. Hosted by Emily of Shining Egg and Molly of Mommycoddle, they feature different guests each month.

One of this month's guest at habit is Tara Thayer which I will admit I have sort of a blog crush on. She and her husband have 6 daughters and run an art gallery together and she has the most lovely blog that is at the top of my must-reads for the day.

Go ahead, visit her. You just may fall in love also.

This week, my book club decided to play along with a habit of our own. Each week we pick a different activity to do to talk about at the following meeting (because discussing the actual book is not exactly a forte of ours). One example was the week we all participated in Kindness Card drops.

So we decided to post a photo or drawing of something from our days with an accompanying sentence or two. Here were the contributions for today:

Tina (my mom)

 Last night I thought how nice it would be to sleep in air conditioning.


There isn't anything better than the smell of homemade bread on a rainy day.
Or any day for that matter.


My tea corner.

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