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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All-Girl Road Trip

We took an All-Girl Road Trip to Lancaster, PA! 

O.K. So it wasn't completely an all-girl road trip. It was more like 4 women, two toddlers and a guy. All-girl sounded better so we rolled with it.

We brought my brother, Noah. I hope he didn't mind being a "girl" for the day. He is always good for laughs and spur of the moment photo-ops. 

The twins and I were picked up and we head out in the afternoon. First stop was minutes away at the local Pretzel Factory! Thirty pretzels for $10 seemed too good to be true so we turned in and grabbed a warm bag of salty Philly pretzels. Yum!

Noah claimed that this road trip would be fueled by snacks, not gas. We all agreed.

After filling our bellies, we continued driving, got on the turnpike and began the adventure!

Then my sis, Tessa forgot something crucial and the main component to our trip's purpose...her keys to the apartment. So an hour and a half into our "trip" we needed to head back home.

Alright, got the keys! Now back on the road!

My mom, the driver. Look at her carefully hand position, 10 and 2 o'clock! 
As she would say, she had "a lot of precious cargo on board!"

We drove and drove, babies young and old took naps. 

Finally, we arrived at our destination, Tessa's apartment. We watered her lovely plant, swept/vacuumed the porch, gazed at her fraying prayer flags and super view of the forest, then drank a pot of coffee before leaving the dirty cups on the table. Until next time.  

It'll be our excuse for another "road trip!"

Pressing on, we head towards Lancaster City to return a library book that was almost certainly overdue.

Along the way, we viewed the magnificent open landscape! What a beautiful drive!

We were the typical tourists pulling off the road in last-minute-death-defying turns in order to hop out of the car for photo opportunities such as these:

And then we definitely had to call it quits after Noah tried climbing Big Amos, the Barefoot Amish Giant. We decided to look for somewhere to eat dinner before we got in trouble!

We could not have found a better place than Jakey's Amish Barbeque! Waiting for our food, we head over to the Dutch Haven to sample a piece of Shoo-Fly Pie. If we hadn't spent all our money on snacks and dinner, a pie would have made for the perfect ride home!

We all shared a huge sampler with BBQ pork, chicken and turkey, a dinner roll, side salad and drink, sweet potato fries and corn fritters. The corn fritters were so delicious we had to go back for a second order!

Then we traveled home-sweet-home again!

We had a great day trip to Lancaster! Here were some things overheard on the drive: 
  •  (Noah yelling out the open window) "We're going on a girl road trip!!!" 
  • "Oh, I forgot my keys."
  • "Go AROUND this jerk."
  • "Where can a fellow get a hoagie around here?"
  • "I haven't seen one Amish person yet!!"
  • (to the traffic) "Go home now! It's dinner time!"
  • "BOOM!" (in response to finally seeing a horse and buggy)
  • "People run too much out here." and in response, "Well, it's probably faster than the horse and buggy!"
  •  "I've never seen so much poop in the road!"
  • (referring to our GPS) "Jill is being shy today, she keeps whispering the directions."
  • "Noah, do you want a tattoo before we head home?"

*Road trips are always reason to celebrate in our family! If you could create a new holiday with your most favorite of things to celebrate..what would it be? Don't forget to enter SMS's May Giveaway for the felt "Celebrate" banner I made! (This giveaway has ended.)

I have been loving the comments so far... I wish everyone could win a banner to celebrate with!!

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