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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Today marks the 40th anniversary of this holiday! I think the best way to celebrate Earth Day is by getting outside to appreciate the wonderful world that surrounds us each and every day!

We are planning a big seed-planting session today to start some veggies and herbs indoors before we plant them outside in May.

How are you planning to celebrate Earth Day?

What to do this Earth Day 2010:
      • Pledge to improve our Earth with 5 actions that your family can participate in! Pick 5 at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website ! Then stick around and check out the lush amount of information and resources the EPA has to offer.  

      • Read Dr. Seuss’s eco-tale of The Lorax on your iPod or iPad with this app.  Also available is a cute game, Lorax Garden, where you must regrow the world’s Truffala tree forests!

      Interested in eco-friendly crafting?

      • Check out this Spring Bird Feeder craft I posted last April using pizza dough, peanut butter and birdseed! The birds (and squirrels) loved it! 

        Other Suggestions: 
          (Then go outside and enjoy this beautiful Earth... and don't forget your refillable stainless steel water bottle!)

          *In other news, today Amy from Progressive Pioneer honored us by posting the story of our twin homebirth!  

          Isabella and Gracie are turning TWO this May Day! Here they are yesterday posing in their new ladybug skirts I made for their upcoming special occasion!

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