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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sesame Street Celebrates 40 Years!

Sesame Street celebrates their 40th anniversary today! What a perfect opportunity to view some of the classics!

Did you know Sesame Street has its own youtube channel? It pretty much kept me busy all morning!

Here are some of the tunes that I could recite from heart without missing a beat:

Well, I could post Sesame Street memories forever!

Oh, one last one, though. This scene used to completely terrify my brothers! It remains a constant source of ridiculing decades later. Not like we need
any more help in that department. Hah!

Check out:

Take a Sesame Street Song Quiz from Mental Floss
(I got 10 out of 10... just saying.)

Make your own Pinball Number Count Clock from
Sesame Street's Pinball animation.

Print out crazy amounts of
Sesame Street coloring pages!

Buy Christmas Eve on Sesame Street on DVD! As children, we would watch this faithfully every year on Christmas Eve. (Still do!)

Find games, videos and more at the
official Sesame Street website!


  1. Love this post. Lots of memories. And what's this about me being scared!

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