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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Love Colors!

Just peeking in for a moment to mention this great website, WeLoveColors! I recently ordered tights for all the girls and a dancewear leotard for Madelyn as additions to their Halloween costumes.

After searching through one too many Halloween Adventure stores, I decided to scour the internet instead. From placing my order until arriving at my front door, it only took 4 days! So quick!

There is still time left for anyone searching for just the right color tights or leotard to complete a costume!

The WeLoveColors site states:

You will find the perfect colored tights, fishnets, or other hosiery items, to match any outfit or occasion here at We Love Colors. Also, leotards, unitards, and other dancewear. Kids to plus sizes. Now offering 51 Solid Colors opaque tights and over 13 Unique Splash Colors.


  1. Wow! I just received tights from that exact web site the other day. I ordered the black and white striped combo for Heather's costume. She is going to be Penny from the movie Bolt.

  2. we LOVE stripes at our house, so naturally, i LOVE those tights!

  3. Cute costume idea, Tricia!

    I love stripes also, Nicola! Couldn't believe my good fortune with stumbling across WeLoveColors! Just wonderful!


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