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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Tradition

Madelyn, 8 months old

One of our favorite family traditions in October is our annual trip to the Old Homestead Farm to pick pumpkins. Every year since Madelyn was a wee 8 months old, we have taken pictures of the girls sitting on the pumpkin cart in the field!

From left to right: Sophia, Isabella, Madelyn, Grace, Lana

This year, due to rain and other circumstances, we decided to take a day trip instead of staying the entire weekend. The weather was perfectly Autumnal and we had a fantastic day!

Here are some photos:

What Autumn traditions have you been enjoying this month?


  1. Time goes by so quickly it breaks my heart.

  2. What beautiful pictures!

  3. what beautiful girls and clearly special sisters you have.


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